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The Art Of Confinement Soup

American Ginseng Nourishing Soup

This soup will strengthen your body while revitalising energy. It will also help your digestive system and improve your body immunity system making it suitable for mummy's who have a loss of appetite or who are feeling physically weak.

Dang Gui Abalone Black Chicken Soup

This soup will help mummy if she feels fatigue while also treating cardiovascular issues, insomnia, inflammation, and reproductive issues. It is also known to promote blood circulation and tonify your liver and kidney

Dang Shen Cordyceps Lean Pork Soup

The main purpose of this soup is to nourish and increase the 'Qi' for mummy that will in turn enrich the blood and replenish the vital essence and beauty of mummy. 

Double Boiled Cordyceps Flower Lily Bulb and Lotus Seed Pork Rib Soup

This soup is meant to promote circulation to stop blood stasis, tonify liver and kidney, strengthen the muscles and bones and has the added capability of relieving rheumatism.