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Vegetarian Package - Phoenix Signature Kitchen

Features of Our Menu

Vegetarian Package 

Our package includes: 

1) Lunch: 

i. Nourishing soup 

ii. Main Dish 

iii. Vege 

iv. Rice (brown or multigrain) 

v. 1 litre of seven treasure tea 


2) Afternoon Tea 

i. Dessert/ Snack 

3) Dinner: 

i. Chinese Herbal soup 

ii. Main Dish 

iii. Vege

iv. Rice (brown or multigrain) 

v. 1 litre of roasted Japanese black bean tea 

+ All dishes & soups are different for lunch & dinner 

+ Free delivery in our coverage area

+ 2 times free delivery for selected areas (lunch & dinner delivered separately)

*Book our 28-day Confinement package starting from RM3,388 and receive 1 week's worth (2 packs) of our milk boosting MilkMama lactation cookies (value of RM85) absolutely free. 

Main Dishes

Vegetable Dishes