Klang Valley’s Leading & Trusted Confinement Food Delivery Service

Phoenix Signature Kitchen is a women owned and operated business based in Kuala Lumpur, MY

Phoenix Signature Kitchen founder Ng Mun Foong has an integral understanding of the healing benefits of clean, nutritionally balanced food during your postpartum period. A breastfeeding peer counsellor, entrepreneur and mother, she understands first-hand the difference in confinement practices between generations and even between the same ethnic groups but in different countries. Mun Foong’s passion for postpartum care is also inspired by her mother, a sought after confinement nanny in Malaysia, Singapore & HK for more than 30 years.

At Phoenix Signature Kitchen , we believe in age-old traditional confinement practices which have existed for generations and also new confinement practices which are developing and have scientifically proven to be beneficial. What we do is combine old and new traditions and practices to give you the best care and nutrition possible in your recovery process. With our decades of experience in all things related to postpartum care, we know what works and what doesn't.

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Lisa John

Ms. Chow Wen Li

TCM Practitioner, Thomson TCM

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Ms. Chee Liat Wind

Senior Physician, Thomson TCM

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Ms. Shirley Lee Su Ying

TCM Practitioner, Thomson TCM

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Ms. Brenda Chong

Dietitian, Sunway Medical Center

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Ms. Lily Yeoh

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Founder of Anggugu