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Diverse Menu

We have a varied menu of both traditional and modern confinement dishes which not only tastes great but will provide you the necessary nutrition during your crucial postpartum period. Choose your own daily main dishes from our menu that has been specially designed by our Taiwan trained chef, TCM practitioner and nutritionist.

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Breastfeeding Friendly

Breast milk meets all of your baby's nutritional needs and provides antibodies to help defend against infection. Your postnatal diet will impact the amount, taste and quality of milk you produce for your little one. The dishes we prepare and ingredients we use are meant to aid your breastfeeding journey.

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Ingredients Matter

We only use ingredients of the highest quality so as to enhance the nutritional value of our dishes. Besides using premium Chinese herbs, we use organic chicken and our ginger is directly sourced from Bentong. No MSG or stock cubes are ever added into our food. We take healthy cooking seriously.

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Melissa Chew

Delicious, healthy food to keep me well nourished during my confinement period. The portions are very very generous. I look forward to getting my food everyday. Delivery of food was punctual. The convenience of confinement food delivery provided by Mun Foong and her team is truly worth every penny I paid, especially given the fact that my confinement was during MCO period. On top of that, Mun Foong is super gracious, warm and generous - wonderful to interact with!

Koh Jee Yin

Finished my 28-day package and it was a satisfying experience. Food tasted good and the portion is huge, enough to be shared with another kid. There was also more than enough liquid (soup and red dates drink) for a breastfeeding mum Mun Foong was understanding and the service was good. Highly recommended!

Elaine Tee

Loving the daily confinement food delivery from Phoenix Signature Kitchen. Fresh and really big portion for me. Another pluspoint is that they packed the food & soup in glass container and thermo flask, so eco-friendly :) Love their super responsive reply for our inquiry and feedback too! 😁

Koh Kay Xin

On time delivery, responsive service, creative menu, healthy cooking... I only have good thoughts to share about this catering, until I've extended their catering service one month postpartum because that's how yummy their food is! I also love that they are able to customise the dishes to my request (e.g. no ginger, more meat portion etc) And their red dates tea is the best!

Jessica Lim

Initially singed up for the 7 days package, then extended to the 28 days package as I was really happy with the food and service. Food is delicious with generous portion of the side dishes and soup (can be shared by 2 adults), and the doorstep delivery makes it so convenient when you have your hands full with a new born :) The red date longan tea is a comforting compliment to the main dishes and the chewy lactation cookies are a great snack too! Would recommend this to any new parents out there looking for confinement food delivery service 👍🏻

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